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a person riding a motorcycle on a city street

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Most of the foreign tourists coming to this country used to arrive here first. And from this city, they prefer to move for the rest of Vietnam and explore things around. If you are going to land at the Hanoi city, then why not you plan to have a few days stay here? It’s a very amazing city and known for its friendly people, amazing Vietnamese cuisines that you can avail at the restaurants and eateries and for the activities that tourists can join and spend their time in a more productive manner. Paddleboat ride, trekking to the temple, watching the pagodas and several other activities are there for you when you go for the Hanoi city tour. The best way to see this city is to opt for the Hanoi motorbike tour. There will be a guide who will ride the bike and all you need to sit behind him and watch the amazing sights of this city.

  • Walk and taste foods

It’s the food industry in Vietnam that has managed to draw worldwide recognition. The Vietnamese cuisines have managed to reach for the tables of many restaurants located across the globe. So, when you are in Hanoi, you shouldn’t miss the chance to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisines that are served and prep in traditional styles till date. For this you need to take a walking food tour Hanoi.

  • The taste can mesmerize you

The taste of Vietnamese cuisines has really mesmerized the rest of the world. This time you can even explore those flavors while on a tour to Hanoi, Vietnam.

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