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Our Team

Meet The Founder Of A Taste Of Hanoi


The Founder Of A Taste Of Hanoi

I have been working and traveling since the early 2000’s; working as a chef, waiter, bartender and a tour leader for a travel company. Working very hard and travelling even harder, it’s through my travels around the world to over 92 countries is where I find my passion for all things food and travel. I am ever curious of how a dish is made or where the origins come from.

Over the many countries I have been able to visit along the way, I have taken cooking classes in Morocco, Italy, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. I guess it’s been my curiosity to learn a bit more of the country through its food to get to know it just a bit more. I remember when I was Syria back in 2010 and was just on the outskirts of the main mosque in Aleppo. There was this young boy delivering what looked like these very tasty kebabs to all the shopkeepers for their lunch and chai tea. I tried to follow the boy and when I caught up with him to ask where did you get that. He had no idea what I was saying until one of the older man told him to take me to the place where he worked. It was to this top floor hole in the wall make shift kebab shop that just made and delivered to all the shops down below. I did not understand a word of what they said but that kebab was one of the best I have ever had, that day. Not to mention they made for me, for the second kebab, one made from Lamb’s heart. Yes Lambs heart and well it was very good with all those spice and very tender too.

I love the hidden gems of Hanoi and small little street food stalls that specialize in one dish that the locals come to love as this one dish has been made for 4 generations. There are all kinds of these stories like that while walking the streets of Hanoi in search of the next snack or great dish. The passion and love the locals have for making just that one dish nearly their whole life is just absolutely amazing. As so many things in the western world are being made in great numbers in a factory or store bought. You come to Vietnam for the food that is made with pure love and it shows with the passion these dishes have. Come let me me show you just a few tastes on our A taste of Hanoi food walking tour or any of our other great tours.


We have been growing and evolving over the last year. We founded A Taste of Hanoi Tours in Feb 2015. We are new but we rapidly receive much support and love from our customers, the authentic local food vendors we know, and our lovely talented guides. Our aim is to help you experience truly local food and show you a taste of the Hanoian life along the journey. We will help you get closer to the local life and learn about the eating customs, and traditions of Hanoi. It has truly been a pleasure for everyone here at A Taste of Hanoi Tours to show you why we are so in love with Hanoi, especially Vietnam foods. We hope to continue with what could possibly be described as the best “job” on the planet for many years to come.


Lan is originally from a small island in the middle of the Red river in the northwest of Hanoi. There are only 500 families living there and 95% are farmers. She has been living in Hanoi for about 6 years. She loves traveling, adventuring, sharing and eating as well! Lan is working as a tour guide as well as an English teacher for the last 2 years. She has always loved our food, history, culture, tradition and the people here in Vietnam. She would love to show you the hidden Hanoi for your best experience ever.


Mia is 24 years old. She is a Hanoian girl working as a tour guide for more than two years. She was trained to do this job in her University of Languages and International Studies. Being a tour guide is what she has pursued since her childhood. Not only making her to be more confident, but also it gives her a golden opportunity to learn about foreign cultures. Frankly, becoming a guide is one of the most lucid decision that she has made for herself.


Having been born and growing up in Hanoi, Nikita has got her own knowledge and real Hanoi experience. She got married to an English man and they have 2 really cute children: a daughter and a son. After living in Hanoi and working for several jobs, finally she found her passion for tourism. Nikita has been working as a guide for many years. She has an undying love and pride about Hanoi’s cuisine, history, culture. She of course knows where to get a cosy dinner and cold beer on a summer evening.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia – Chris has been living in Vietnam on and off since 2009. Having lived and worked in several provinces in the North of Vietnam, in addition to Hanoi for several years, Chris has worked as an English teacher, a student studying Vietnamese at Hanoi University, as well as working for a local State-run newspaper as an English editor. Chris has had countless experiences over the years in Vietnam and has a thorough grasp of local culture, cuisine, history and of course has a good idea of where to enjoy a cold beer on a warm afternoon!


Being from Haiduong – a small city near Hanoi. Giang is a young, little and cute girl with a big smile on her face. She is currently a sophomore at Foreign Trade University. After working as a coordinator in A taste of Hanoi, she fell in love with traveling, cuisine and history. Giang has been working for A Taste Of Hanoi for almost 2 years. Her dream is to explore the world one day.


Born in a small city called Hai Duong. She is 19 years old and a university student. She has been working as a food coordinator for A taste of Hanoi since 2016. She loves Hanoi and Vietnamese traditional cuisine so much. Therefore, working as a staff member of A taste of Hanoi is a wonderful chance for her to make many new friends and introduce them to various Vietnamese food and culture.