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While walking around the streets of Vietnam, there is always a chance for you to explore that smell for which this country is famous for. We are talking about the smell of the Vietnamese cuisines that can really draw your attention towards a Vietnamese restaurant and force you to have some foods that are prepared and served in the traditional style till date. There is a wide range of Vietnamese cuisines that have managed to become popular across the globe. And when you are in Vietnam, you will surely not like to miss the chance for tasting these foods and admiring them for their taste and texture. This is where a Hanoi food tour can bring the best possible help for you. You can take a tour on the motorbike or you can take a walking tour in Hanoi and have the best of Vietnamese restaurants and admire them for the delicacies they bring to your table.

  • Taste buds are going to enjoy it

Walking down the streets of Hanoi, while tasting the Vietnamese cuisines is a favorite activity for most of the travelers coming to this country from across the globe. This might be a reason why the walking food tour Hanoi has managed to draw so much attention these days. This type of tour is designed to make you more and more familiar with the Vietnamese delicacies.

  • Take a walking tour

So, if you are planning for a Vietnam tour, then the waling food tour of Hanoi must be there on the list of the tour itinerary.

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