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Hanoi Street Eats & Bites

Quick Details

Child (under 10)

Highlights of this experience:

  • More Special, off the beaten track street eats and bites
  • Adventurous Foodie Tour
  • Hanoi culture and background stories

Walk through the backstreets of the Old Quarter

Our special tour is off the beaten track. Try very specials snacks and street finger foods never listed on any food tour around Hanoi.

You will walk through many backstreets and hidden alleyways in the old quarter, hitting all the food stops along the way and learning about the history and culture of Hanoi.

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Great for Unearthing Hidden Gems

A very well-designed tour that offered up an eclectic variety of street food that you might not find yourself (thankfully avoiding the obvious choices of pho, banh mi, and bun cha). 15 different foods and drinks (my first time trying sea worms!) that made for a fun night on the town. Our guide Vu was also very informative, giving plenty of inside information not just on the food culture, but on life in Vietnam in general. I would highly recommend.

– Erik J | | TripAdvisor
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Must do Street Food Tour

We were walking for hours through hidden corners of hanoi old town and were able to taste many different dishes (and mainly the ones you would not know how to order). Our guide Vu adapted the tour to our wishes (we ended up tasting all the fruits we wanted, and also oyster porridge and bowls!!). 100% recommended!

– Elena C | | TripAdvisor
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My only regret is only having one stomach

Highly recommend this incredible food tour if you’re in Hanoi! Cong was a great guide. Not only did he provide a wonderful commentary on the food and history of the Old Quarter, but he also went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable (buying us waters when it was very hot and then ponchos when it started pouring!). It was a great introduction to the city and left us with a list of additional places to try.

– Laura D | TripAdvisor
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Amazing insights in the Vietnamese cuisine

We really enjoyed browsing the buzzy street life and tasting the fine art of vietnamese street food. You won't find the standards here - just explore and enjoy. Thanks to our tour guide Rose for the amazing and entertaining job.

– Christian G | TripAdvisor
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Amazing and worth every penny

Hanoi Street Eats and Bites food tour is awesome! Rose is super friendly and takes you to the best street food vendors in Hanoi. You get to try a variety of delicious dishes and learn about the culture and history of the city's food scene. It's a must do if you're visiting Hanoi!

– Scenic18830746271 | TripAdvisor
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Incredible and worth it

all delicious and different foods, an amazing mix. Rose was amazing and taught us so much about the area, the food, the language, history and culture and was so friendly. she also helped us book another tour and gave us great advice for the rest of our stay in Hanoi! would definitely recommend. definitely worth doing as Hanoi street food is everywhere and quite confusing so she showed us the best.

– Emily A | TripAdvisor