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Hidden Gems and Jewels Virtual Tour @9am/4pm Hanoi time by Zoom

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Highlights of this experience

  • Explore this charming city and beautiful of Hanoi right from your house
  • Have an insight of the past and the present of Hanoi
  • Discover most delicious and famous food around Hanoi

Our brand new virtual tour of Hanoi will bring you to some Hidden spots that are off the tourist trail here in Hanoi. We will walk and talk and share some awesome stories of our amazing city of Hanoi with you live via the zoom app.

On this very special tour we get a chance to bring you to places that are a bit hidden and also very special to us here in Hanoi. We can bring you to some amazing traditional temples, hidden alleyways, special stories of the history of Hanoi as we walk live together around old town of Hanoi.

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