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Vietnamese Coffee Making Class

Quick Details



  • Kick off the class as you learn about the journey of coffee from crop to cup
  • Discover what makes Vietnamese ground coffee, fined Robusta, different from other coffees around the world
  • Our awesome tour guide will demonstrate how to prepare Vietnamese coffee and bring out its true flavor
  • This activity is not only suitable for coffee lovers but for travelers who wish to discover the vibrant culture of the city

Making a cup of coffee in Vietnam is a whole process but easy to do and we will show you how:
First, we need a perfect set of filter and coffee, the right filter we use the famous café Phin and dark roast Robusta coffee. We will brew coffee together, step by step. Then I will show you how different our coffee is compare to the rest. How it combines with our special filter to make a perfect pair.
The most fascinating part of the coffee making is “the waiting time”, which we will experience what it’s like to be in a Vietnamese Coffeeshop. And of course, admire the view of Vietnam. Having Robusta Coffee Beans is a must. The taste of Vietnamese coffee can’t be found in Arabica Beans.


This experience is a great chance for you to discover Vietnamese Coffee Culture which is a huge part of Vietnam Culture. It is also a chance to drink yummiest coffee drinks while you are traveling in Vietnam.


We learn all the secret tips making typical coffee drinks in Vietnam as well as the stories behind each drink. First you are making coffee with the most typical coffee filter in Vietnam – Phin filter with two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusta.

We also learn the most trendy drink – Cold brew Mocktail that is very popular in our cafes and the most unique Egg Coffee that made our cafe popular – Coconut Egg Coffee.