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Hội An
Coffee Making Class

Quick Details

Per person

This class offers a comprehensive experience, blending education about Vietnamese coffee culture with hands-on coffee-making, including traditional and trendy beverages. Suitable for both coffee lovers and travelers interested in exploring the vibrant culture of Vietnam through its coffee.

Experience Highlights:

  • Learn about the coffee-making process using the famous café Phin and Robusta coffee.
  • The host demonstrates the preparation of Vietnamese coffee to bring out its unique flavor.
  • Participants brew coffee together, understanding the distinctiveness of Vietnamese coffee and its pairing with the special Phin filter.
  • Experience the waiting time, simulating the atmosphere of a Vietnamese coffeeshop while enjoying the view.
  • Emphasis on the necessity of Robusta Coffee Beans for the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee.

Program Details

  • Discover Vietnamese Coffee Culture, an integral part of the country’s overall culture.
  • Learn secret tips for making typical Vietnamese coffee drinks and the stories behind each drink.
  • Hands-on experience with the Phin filter, using both Arabica and Robusta beans.
  • Explore trendy drinks such as Cold Brew Mocktail, unique Coconut coffee and the Egg Coffee, known for making the cafe popular.