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Hội An Photography Tour

Quick Details

Private tour Per person

Join us on a photography tour and dive into the local culture!

Tour overview

Hoi an photography tour is all about photography and diving into the local culture. We go to non-touristy places to capture and experience the essence of Vietnam. Just hop on and take your photos and/or learn everything about your camera and photography. Even the more seasoned photographers will have a good time. You will learn how to get the best out of your camera or smartphone, while visiting interesting places. It is ideal for portrait photography.

All tours are lead by Pieter Janssen a dutch Photographer has been in the field for 18 years and calls Vietnam home.

This tour is ideal for street photography and portraits. See a different side of Hoi An, away from the crowds and all the shops. This tour is for any camera, even a smartphone. The general idea is to show you local life and interesting places and along the way I help you with choosing the right settings and composition. There are lots of photogenic people and you would be surprised how easy it is to take their photos.

Whatever help you need, everything will be explained in an easy to understand way. You will see that the tour is very relaxing, no matter what your level is. Examples would be creativity, taking control of the light (and achieve results which would not be possible in the auto mode), what to put into a photo and what not, possible distractions, foregrounds, backgrounds, timing, contrast, colours, storytelling (with one single image or with a set of images), the possibilities are endless.

Join and change your photography life forever!


What do we cover?

  • The essential camera settings
  • When to use which settings
  • What to put into your composition
  • When to press the button
  • Storytelling
  • Take portrait photos
  • The importance of being in control of the light (also for smartphones)
  • Controlling the background
  • The art of being patient
  • Being aware of what is going on around you
  • Communication with someone who does not speak your language
  • Culture and photography

No matter what your level is, there is no pressure. The tour is a good mixture of learning new skills, having a good time and getting more in depth knowledge of Vietnam.