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The Hidden Side of Hanoi by Scooter Tour

Quick Details

Child (under 10)

Highlights of this experience

  • Hanoi’s History and background culture
  • Hidden alleyways and backstreets
  • Variety of traditional Vietnamese food all shared, family-style lunch
  • Traditional tea house ceremony

Escape the traffic and discover Hanoi on the back of a scooter

The first impression when you travel to Hanoi is 100% the traffic. You’d be surprised how amazing it is.

In fact, we have 4 million motorbikes for 8 million people. But how about discovering this new city on the back of a scooter with a great local driver?

It would be a very unique experience that you haven’t had before. Let us show you some famous and the not so famous spots of Hanoi, let us take you on a great adventure in and around Hanoi. Let’s get started!