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Knife Making Class (Private only)

Quick Details

Adult from 2 pax

Highlights of this experience:

  • Awesome souvenir
  • Find your hidden talent
  • Result of a work-out

Unique local experience

Nestled in Kien Hung Commune, Ha Dong Town, Hanoi, the small, but prestigious village – Da Sy has a long – standing history of forging profession. Historically, two blacksmith ancestors of the profession – Nguyen Thuat and Nguyen Thuan came to the village several hundred years ago and taught forging technics for locals. During the Vietnam wars, the village was the main source supporting weapons for Vietnam military. However, when peace returned to Vietnam 40 years ago, the locals returned to making to agricultural implements such as ploughs, rakes…

The work of making forging products is hard and complicated with various processes, such as making rough drafts, keeping fires burning, hitting red-hot iron into shape with hammers, tempering (strengthening) the metal with water – and then sharpening the final product.