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Morning Food Walking Tour

Quick Details

Child (under 10)

Highlights of this experience

  • Up to 15 – 17 different local tastings
  • Hidden and famous landmarks
  • Vietnamese Food culture and background history
  • Lively Hanoi nightlife atmosphere

Savor the Genuine Local Flavors of Hanoi

Hanoi is the birthplace of many popular Vietnamese dishes. Street food stalls dominate the culinary scene, offering some of the most delightful and unexpected local food experiences. The best culinary encounters in Hanoi often happen on the sidewalks, where you can engage with locals rather than in traditional restaurants.

Vietnamese cuisine achieves a delicate balance by combining fresh herbs, meats, and a judicious use of spices, resulting in a diverse array of tastes and aromas. Renowned for its fine taste and nutritional qualities, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines globally.

During this experience, we will guide you to explore must-try dishes, unique culinary delights, and the best spots to savor them.