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The Original War Tour of Hanoi

Quick Details

Child (under 10)

Highlights of this experience:

  • Discover hidden war ruins within Hanoi
  • Interesting stories that became Vietnam’s culture and tradition

An Insight Into The Vietnam War

Whatever your age, you’ve probably heard about the Vietnam War, one of the most famous wars in the world.

It appeared frequently in every big newspaper back in the 1960’s. There is so much info out there but we want to focus on a few select key spots for our original war tour of Hanoi.

The Original War Tour is the best choice to explore and learn more about the real Vietnam war from the perspective of the local who was involved or the victims of the war.

We take you out of the Old Quarter to bring you to the far-off places for you to get the chance to taste and learn about these lifestyles of Hanoi.

We get the opportunity to visit some very unique locations in and around Hanoi city. In each place we visit, we share special stories about what happened here over 44 years ago. Most of them are far away from the tourist’s eyes.